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Logo Design & Branding Services

We love branding!

What is our Branding Service?

We work with you to create exceptionally clean and professional branding for you, and provide you with a branding kit.

What do Branding Services cover?

Us! Decades of success in branding & building market leaders!

You get a logo you're delighted with!

You get a few iterations of your brand sized for social media.You get a favicon (the little logo that shows up in website tabs)

You get your font or fonts if you have a secondary font.

You get your HEX and RGB colors. This way, everything you create online and offline is uniform and reflects your branding with impressive consistency!

one-time $350 for everything

Monthly Creative & Tech Support, with mentorship


What is Monthly Creative & Tech Support with Mentorship?

We become your go-to writing, editing, graphic design, and your technical team. Every month, when you want updates made to your website, emails, print materials, sales funnels built, your ecommerce updated, we make those changes for you.

We'll also get campaigns designed and sent for you! We have access to a huge database of authentic looking imagery we can use if you do not have ideal imagery available.

Plus, we can help you brainstorm campaigns or events.

What does Monthly Creative & Tech Support with Mentorship cover?

Access to our creative library of beautiful stock-but-not-stocky images, videos, and icons. :)

You get us and our wisdom/mentorship!

Web & print updates to your marketing material.

When you request our input, we offer ideas that help keep you on the best path, & help keep your practice growing.

We get the updates & campaigns sent for you!

We can help you set up your Workspace (& sync it with Revelana)

What is the Google Workspace Setup Service?

Whether you're a Revelana client or not, we HIGHLY recommend you let us help you set up Google Workspace email account.

This is the professional version of Gmail that uses your professional domain in your email. No more free @gmail, @yahoo,'s time to adult!

What does the Google Workspace Setup Service cover?

You get us and our wisdom/mentorship!

Buy Google Workspace whether we help or not (the $6/mo plan is likely fine)

We'll get your business domain connected to it.

We will set up the most ideal settings for you, and alternative/alias accounts you recommend and ones we recommend you set up as well.

We'll set up any other user accounts you may need.

We will also set up your signature block.

We'll include pointing your DNS and records to Revelana for you if you're a client.

Do I need to be a Revelana client?

We'll help you set this up whether you're a Revelana client or not!

one-time $250 for everything

WordPress Website Design & Development

What is the Website Design & Development Service?

We LOVE designing and developing websites for our industry!

We're experts in the field of aesthetics, beauty, medical spa...Along with our website design & development services, you get private mentor sessions with us!

What does Website Design & Development cover?

You get us and our wisdom/mentorship!

You get a multi-page website laid out with our industry essentials.

We deign your site aligned with your brand guidelines, fonts, colors, etc.

You get hosting and continuous updates to your SSL security certificate.

We'll get your business domain connected to your website.

We will set up the SEO basics so your natural search results look great great!

We will get your favicon and page identities set up most ideally.

We'll get your site integrated with anything required.

We'll put to use our huge selection of authentic looking stock images & videos.

We will integrate your site with Revelana if you're a Revelana client.

Do I need to be a Revelana client?

We'll help you set this up whether you're a Revelana client or not!

Non Revelana Clients

One-Time $2500 plus $14/month secure hosting

Includes a Wordpress website designed & developed.

Revelana Clients

Purchase Revelana with one-time full service setup ($1750) and get a free WP website, $14/month SSL secure hosting.

Or, instead of WordPress, if you want a Revelana website, & to automate your practice...

Let's start your free trial of Revelana!

Get a website, hosting, SSL, and the basic automations an aesthetics practice needs, at reliably great pricing!

Plus, you can get us mentoring you too, if you want us!

7-day free trial of Revelana is free:)

Then choose monthly $97/month

or - get 2 months free EVERY year when you choose our Revelana annual plan! $970/year!