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Logo Design & Branding Services

We love branding!

What is our Branding Service?

We work with you to create exceptionally clean and professional branding for you, and provide you with a branding kit.

What do Branding Services cover?

Us! Decades of success in branding & building market leaders!

You get a logo you're delighted with!

You get a few iterations of your brand sized for social media.You get a favicon (the little logo that shows up in website tabs)

You get your font or fonts if you have a secondary font.

You get your HEX and RGB colors. This way, everything you create online and offline is uniform and reflects your branding with impressive consistency!

one-time $350 for everything

We can help you set up your Workspace (& sync it with Revelana)

What is the Google Workspace Setup Service?

Whether you're a Revelana client or not, we HIGHLY recommend you let us help you set up Google Workspace email account.

This is the professional version of Gmail that uses your professional domain in your email. No more free @gmail, @yahoo,'s time to adult!

What does the Google Workspace Setup Service cover?

You get us and our wisdom/mentorship!

Buy Google Workspace whether we help or not (the $6/mo plan is likely fine)

We'll get your business domain connected to it.

We will set up the most ideal settings for you, and alternative/alias accounts you recommend and ones we recommend you set up as well.

We'll set up any other user accounts you may need.

We will also set up your signature block.

We'll include pointing your DNS and records to Revelana for you if you're a client.

Do I need to be a Revelana client?

We'll help you set this up whether you're a Revelana client or not!

one-time $150 for everything

WordPress Website Design, Copywriting & SEO Services

What is the Website Design, Copywriting, & SEO service?

We LOVE designing websites for our industry!We're experts in the aesthetics, beauty, and medical spa industries.Your mind will be blown by what we create.

What does this cover?

• You get us and our wisdom - 1:1 mentor sessions!

• You get a multi-page Wordpress website laid out with our industry essentials.

• You get professional and optimized copywriting, and site structure that's proven-effective.

• We'll get your business domain connected to your website.

• We will get your favicon and page identities set up most ideally.

• We'll use our huge selection of authentic looking stock images & videos.

• We will integrate your site with Revelana if you're a Revelana client.

• We'll get your site integrated with anything else required.

• We will set up the SEO basics so you are more likely to get found, AND look great!

Do I need to be a Revelana client?

We'll help you set this up whether you're a Revelana client or not!

one-time $795 for everything

+ Secure SSL Hosting for only $10/mo ($120 annually)

If you want to automate your practice...

Let's start your free trial of Revelana!

Get a website, hosting, SSL, and the basic automations an aesthetics practice needs, at reliably great pricing!

Plus, you can get us mentoring you too, if you want us!

7-day free trial of Revelana is free:)

Then choose monthly $97/month

or - get 2 months free EVERY year when you choose our Revelana annual plan! $970/year!

Revelana We Do It All For You Bundle

Tech Support, Creative, SEO, PPC, & Marketing


(save $785/month!)

Once your business is all set up, we pretty much do everything for you except manage your landlord, order your supplies, or treat your clients.

A bundle of the following Revelana services:

Graphic Design, Email Marketing, & Tech Support Services

We can create artwork for digital and print for you, make needed updates to your website upon your request, troubleshoot technical issues for you, and get your monthly email marketing designed, sent and measured every month for you! Our email services can help you amp up your revenue. We help you move email marketing leads from one stage to the next. Skyrocket your engagement, email opens, and click-through rates with our email marketing today.

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SEO & Natural Lead Generation Services

SEO optimization focuses heavily on optimizing key words and content on your website and social pages. on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, personalized and branded content development (stills and video editing), Google My Business (GMB) management, some work on your social page setups, and some reputation management. We also do some unique things for you that help your SEO (natural rankings) – the Louology way.

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Paid Ads Management & Lead Generation Services

Paid Ads including Facebook and Google will be performed strategically to pick low-hanging fruit for quick results, and will be optimized continuously to keep bringing stellar results with optimum “return on ads spend” (ROAS) – This helps especially when you want to stand out in competitive areas. We also help Revelana clients by designing sales funnels that properly capture your prospects and that nurtures them in a personalized way until they convert to setting an appointment, or buying something from you.

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Social Media Management Services

We take complete responsibility for curating your content, and posting it to your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter. We will provide you with a monthly posting calendar that will help you see and review our scheduled posts before they’re pushed live. Your posts will be based on monthly/yearly national events, your goals, "Did you knows", achievements, announcements, and what’s trending.

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