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Branding Services. We love branding!

What is our Branding Service?

We work with you to create exceptionally clean and professional branding for you, and provide you with a branding kit.

What do Branding Services cover?

Us! Decades of success in branding & building market leaders!

You get a logo you're delighted with!

You get a few iterations of your brand sized for social media.

You get a favicon (the little logo that shows up in website tabs)

You get your font or fonts if you have a secondary fontYou get your HEX and RGB colors. This way, everything you create online and offline is uniform and reflects your branding with impressive consistency!

one-time $350 for everything

Wordpress Website Design, Development, Copywriting & SEO

What is does Wordpress Website Service cover?

• You get us and our wisdom - 1:1 mentor sessions!

• You get a multi-page Wordpress website laid out with our industry essentials.

• You get professional and optimized copywriting, and site structure that's proven-effective.

• You get your business domain connected to your website.

• You will get your favicon and page identities set up most ideally.

• You reap the benefits from our huge selection of authentic-looking stock images & videos.

• You get a solid SEO and visitor experience that sets your foundation for success.

• You will get your site integrated with anything else required.

• You get full service hosting, plugin updates, SSL security updates, and maintenance, included.

What should I expect?

• A mentor session that inspires you and provokes clarity that optimizes your excitement and success.

• Relatively lightning fast delivery of a completed website after your first mentor session.

• A website that blows your mind, and that speaks, and sells for you, at a glance.

• Tight and optimized articulations you can leverage in all of your marketing, every channel.

• The SEO fundamentals, thumbnails, page data to help you get found and search results look great.

• A website that easily integrates with the Revelana system, booking systems, EMRs, galore.

• It's yours. You never lose it if you make hosting changes.

• Ability to leverage our huge database of authentic looking imagery

• Wordpress is known to be easily transferrable to other themes or platforms.

• You get an unlimited selection of free and other plugins as you desire to add capabilities.

• Best choice and best pricing on most reliable and safe hosting for your website.

one-time $350 for everything

We can help you set up your Google Workspace Email

What is the Google Workspace Setup Service?

Whether you're a Revelana client or not, we HIGHLY recommend you let us help you set up Google Workspace email account.

This is the professional version of Gmail that uses your professional domain in your email. No more free @gmail, @yahoo,'s time to adult!

What does the Google Workspace Setup Service cover?

You get us and our wisdom/mentorship!

Buy Google Workspace whether we help or not (the $6/mo plan is likely fine)

We'll get your business domain connected to it.

We will set up the most ideal settings for you, and alternative/alias accounts you recommend and ones we recommend you set up as well.

We'll set up any other user accounts you may need.

We will also set up your signature block.

We'll include pointing your DNS and records to Revelana for you if you're a client.

Do I need to be a Revelana client?

We'll help you set this up whether you're a Revelana client or not!

one-time $150 for everything

Ongoing Guidance, Graphic Design, Creative & Tech Support Services

What is Guidance, Graphic Design, Creative & Tech Support Services? THIS IS A "MUST GET!"

This includes vital support and astute guidance, every month!

We are "on-call" to create artwork for digital and print for you, make needed updates to your website upon your request, troubleshoot technical issues for you, and get your monthly marketing designed for you!

What's included?

• Custom design of flyers, biz cards, infographics, whatever you need

• We strategize together and brainstorm creative ideas

• List maintenance & clean up, website updates, whatever you need

• We offer technical, and even emotional support if you need it

• Design email campaigns

• When we brainstorm, we create whatever you need for it

What should I expect?

• Monthly collaborative mentor sessions, as needed

.· We design what you need in print, your website, sales funnels, or in email.

• We can edit what you have and make it look 1000x better.

• You should feel supported, and can expect high quality output.

• You benefit from our huge database of authentic stock imagery.

• We update, fix, and build what you need created, including forms.

• We can record video interviews with you that we turn into branded clips.

· You have more time to do what you do best!

$795/month for everything

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