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Our ridiculously low pricing will be doubling, still low, but doubling.

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Incredibly Well-Priced

Medspa & Aesthetics Practice Legal Services

Here's a Dream Offering for You!

If you are starting a practice, or things are growing and changing for you, we have high quality, and very well-priced guidance and resources poised for you.

You can get all the guidance , legal docs and filings done that you need to start your medspa or aesthetics practice at a FRACTION of the price of a law firm!

We can also help you stay compliant as you change and grow - At a fraction of law firm rates.

Step-by-Step Legal Tasks & Paperwork Completed For You!

Get it done right, and enjoy the process.

Business name clearance research

Corporate structure drafting & filing (LLC & EIN)

Operating agreement & banking resolution (Needed for biz bank acct)

Independent contractor agreement (w NC & NS)

Treatment compliance policies & procedures (P&P) manual

OSHA, SDS, pathogens, blood borne safety P&P manual

Medical director agreement (if needed)

Trademark research and trademark filings

Employment agreements

*If you're in a state, or have any situations that cause "legal complexities" , those things will be identified for you, and you'll be pleased with how little even the "extras" or additional consultations may cost.

If you're starting from scratch, snatch it up!

If you don't need this, keep scrolling...

Small Flat Fees & Up To $75/half-hour!

You can get escalated to an attorney from here, if needed.

If you're starting a biz...and you don't need the legal stuff!


Branding, Website, Hosting, & Google Workspace Bundle!

What's in the bundle?

Astute & supportive mentor sessions

Company name & overall planning brainstorm

Logo creation & branding kit (logo, brand colors, fonts, assets)

Beautiful WordPress website built and designed for you

Google Workspace email and domains set up

Your secure SSL website hosting for your website is only $120 /yr, and will be billed to you separately because it is a recurring annual charge.

♥You'll get amazing pricing on any services you may want from us going forward.

When you buy this bundle, if you are also an Inner Circle Louology member, you get a free Loumé Skincare starter pack too! (300+ value!)

If you need it all, snatch it up!

If you don't, keep scrolling...

$1750 for everything above!

We call this the "beautiful presence & tech bundle", just for you!

Branding Services. We love branding!

What is Branding, and what is a Branding Kit?

We work with you to uncover and assess the best possible name for your business.

Then we create an exceptionally clean, professional, and attention grabbing logo.

Sometimes we also help you uncover your best tagline ever.

We create a few different iterations of your logo you'll most commonly need.

We're done when you're over-the-moon excited,

...and you totally appreciate the rules, and the power of proper branding.

What do Branding Services cover?

• Us! Decades of success in branding & building market leaders!

• You get an inspiring and eye-opening mentor session.

• You get a logo you're delighted with!

• You get a few iterations of your brand sized for social media.

• You get a favicon (the little logo that shows up in website tabs)

• You get your font or fonts if you have a secondary font.

• You get your HEX and RGB colors.

This way, everything you create online and offline is uniform and reflects your branding with impressive consistency!

Special Note: If you don't have an established company name yet, we can help you home-in on a name that surprises you. In the process we check with our paralegal to see if it's free and clear legally. We also check to make sure it's a name that is strategically standout within its online and geographic landscape.

If the name checks all our strategic boxes, and it lights you up, we help you purchase the domain(s), in hopes you also let us assist your with your Google Workspace setup!

one-time $350 for everything

WordPress Website

Fully Written & Designed!

What is the Wordpress Website Service?

We will work with you one-on-one to brainstorm and create the website of your dreams. If you have beautiful branding, or if we've created it for you, we'll design a website that matches your branding beautifully.

You'll get copywriting done by our professional team that reflects your services and your vibe, as well as imagery from our huge library of authentic stock images.

This service also includes beefing the SEO on your website so you get found online!

If you don't have a domain yet, we'll set it up with you, and connect it to our secure SSL hosting (only $120/year!)

We'll also get your site integrated with anything else required.

What should I expect?

• A mentor session that inspires you and provokes clarity.

• Relatively lightning fast delivery of a completed website after your mentor session.

• You get a multi-page WordPress website laid out with our industry essentials.

• A website that blows your mind, and that speaks, and sells for you, at a glance.

• Tight and optimized copywriting you can leverage in all of your marketing.

• SEO fundamentals, thumbnails, favicon, page data so you look great in search results.

• A website that easily integrates with the Revelana, EMRs, and plugins galore.

• It's all yours. You get full access to your folders, files, data, and website.

• Ability to leverage our huge database of authentic looking imagery.

• We can clean up your existing creative assets like photos and videos.

P.S. We also have great pricing on outstanding secure hosting!

one-time $795 for everything

+ Secure SSL Hosting ($120/Year)

We can help you set up your Google Workspace Email

What is the Google Workspace Setup Service?

Whether you're a Revelana client or not, we HIGHLY recommend you let us help you set up Google Workspace email account.

This is the professional version of Gmail that uses your professional domain in your email. No more free @gmail, @yahoo,'s time to adult!

What does the Google Workspace Setup Service cover?

• You get us and our wisdom/mentorship!

• Buy Google Workspace whether we help or not (the $6/mo plan is likely fine)

• We'll get your business domain connected to it.

• We will set up the most ideal settings for you, and alternative/alias accounts you recommend and ones we recommend you set up as well.

• We'll set up any other user accounts you may need.

• We will also set up your signature block.

• We'll include pointing your DNS and records to Revelana for you if you're a client.

Do I need to be a Revelana client?

We'll help you set this up whether you're a Revelana client or not!

one-time $150 for everything

Ongoing 1:1 Priceless Guidance, Graphic Design, Creative & Tech Support Services

What is 1:1 Guidance, Graphic Design, Creative & Tech Support Services? THIS IS A "MUST GET!"

It's like hiring a team of strategists, techies, and designers. all in 1. VERY high-value services for you on-call.

We inspire, guide, and we get the important sh#+ done that you ask us to do, every month!

We set a regular time and day to meet once/month

We establish the items you want to update & feature on your site.

We determine the emails and specials you want to run that month.

We can build landing pages and new automations, if needed.

We can plan and design what you may need for print, and get it printed.

We can help you understand how to use your tech, or help with choices.

We can reserve some time to record some video content.

We create, and deliver, whatever we discussed for that month!

We can also be there for you in case of emergencies.

In other words, we are your go-to team who can keep you on-target, and create artwork for digital and print for you, make needed updates to your website upon your request, troubleshoot technical issues for you, and get your monthly marketing designed for you! Many high-value options on-call for you!

What's included?

• Custom design of flyers, biz cards, infographics, whatever you need

• We strategize together and brainstorm creative ideas

• List maintenance & clean up, website updates, whatever you need

• We offer technical, and even emotional support if you need it

• Design email campaigns

• When we brainstorm, we create whatever you need for it

What should I expect?

• Monthly collaborative mentor sessions, as needed.

• We design anything you need, print or digital.

• We can organize your server and whatever else you need.

• We can make your print and digital assets to look 1000x better.

• You should feel supported, and can expect high quality output.

• You benefit from our huge database of authentic stock imagery.

• We update, fix, and build what you need created, including automated forms.

•We can edit and post-produce videos for you

• We can record video interviews with you and create branded clips.

•We can build landing pages, workflows, pop-up ads, and sales funnels for you.

•We can add products for sale onto your site.

•We can write and post blogs for you

This is normally pretty expensive stuff above!

♥We can anticipate what's best for you to do, and get it done.

♥You'll feel like you're getting a very high value employee.

♥You have more time to do what you do best!

$795/month for everything


If you want to just keep us on-call every month to ask us a few questions, for technical and graphic design projects (print and digital), website or email updates...

We have your back with the basics.

$199/month for on-call Q&A, tech & graphic design

Deluxe Video & Photography Creation & Editing Services

(crew of 2, +travel)

What's our Deluxe Creative & Editing Services Offering?

We are absolutely incredible when it comes to making you look amazing! We can come to you and capture professional-quality pictures and videos, and do the post-production editing, so you have quality content for all of your marketing.

We LOVE being hired to capture those invaluable moments during special events for you. We make your investment in that event live-on, and multiply in value!

We also can work with your existing creative assets such as photographs and videos, or create it for you... and keep you well-organized!

Our two-woman crew travels together, and love one another, so they can share a place to stay while they're on-site helping you! If the crew is traveling, and working anywhere on-site you, you simply pay the per/day fee, and you pay the travel and boarding expenses with no markup.

We can also work remotely from anywhere - editing for you, capturing recorded Zoom interactions with you and your crew, and contribute ideas for your events... or help you get the most out of your speaking engagements, media interviews, or your public appearances.

What should I expect?

• You can reserve 2 experts for up to six hours/day, for a flat daily fee.

• We can perform this service remotely, or on-site for you!

• Vital support, creative ideas, and astute guidance.

• Authentic photos and videos, and behind-the-scenes shots too.

· Leverage video in your marketing and search results.

· Win more clicks and results, plus, elevate your "celebrity status".

• Script-writing, planning and direction for video content

• We can create courses and educational content.

· We can build and serve it up on a membership platform for you.

• We edit long-form video as well as topic-specific clips.

• Inspiring, positive and smart mentors with passion to help.

• We're actually down for doing anything for you if we love the idea!

When you place your order, the quantity you choose reflects how many days of work you'd like to reserve for their inspiring energy, and their magical expertise. We are flexible to extend if you crave us enough!

$1795/day for everything

YouTube, GMB & SEO Services

What's our YouTube, GMB & SEO Services?

Most social media agencies do not do this part, so this is what we do!

SEO services includes what it takes to help you rank naturally online through YouTube and Google My Business. When we say "naturally", it means doing what we can to get your found without paying for ads.

You can get found by your desired target audience, and get found for the treatments, services, and products you offer.

What should I expect?

• We create unique and branded/edited video interviews for you

•We create unique ai video promotions for you with avatars

• Keyword Research, and beef your YouTube & GMB pages

• We can include one blog post a month, and one email send per month

•We can create really cool still or video (ai) ads & pop-ups for you

Everything we do in a month all ties together and will help you rank, and should also help your search results look better!

$1175/month for everything

Reels Social Media Services

What's our Reels Social Media Services?

With "reels done right" in social: You can intrigue and engage your desired target audience, and get found for the treatments, services, and products you offer.When we say "naturally", or SEO, it means we're doing what we can to get your found without paying for ads.

We post up to 3 reels per week in up to four social platforms, every week!

We edit the videos - we pull transcripts and edit them, write optimized copy for your post, and post, post, post, post!

We can even create fun Ai ads with and without avatars in them if you wish!

What should I expect?

• We pow-wow to establish goals and priorities.

• We share our best-practices secrets.

• We help you master the art of creating videos.

• We provide you trending topics and video strategies.

• We guide you toward a couple plugins that help your site rank....and other secret ways that help you rank in your region

• We teach you how to master creating videos. (short clips!)

• You create enough short, topic-specific videos for us that enables us to edit, beef, and post 3x/week.

• You leverage this content to update your website and your Google My Business once/month.

You provide us what we need, WE do all the rest!

$1175/month for everything

Okay, if you haven't already...

Get all the practice automations you need, at reliably great pricing!

Choose monthly $97/month

or -

📣 get 2 months free EVERY year when you choose our Revelana annual plan! $970/year!







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